The 4th HKCS - SOLD OUT!

We are please to announce that our 4th Hong Kong Coin Show (6th-8th April 2018) is SOLD OUT! Thank you very much for your great support.…… [ ALL ]

HKCS Shows on 2018 N.Y.I.N.C.

HKCS is showing in the The New York International Numismatic Convention during Jan. 11-14th in Grand Hyatt Hotel. As the organisors, SBP and SPINK attend the show…… [ ALL ]

HKCS Shows on 2017 Beijing International Coin Expo Exhibition

HKCS is showing on the 2017 BICE during Nov 10th, 2017 in China National Convention Center. As the organisors, by bringing the factors of HKCS to the people…… [ ALL ]

Statement:Fraudulent HKCS News Report Purporting To Be From

Clarification Statement:Fraudulent HKCS News Report Purporting To Be From Shouxi. We would like to draw our clients' and other stakeholders' attention to the recent fraudulent HKCS news report…… [ ALL ]

The Table Sales of 4th HKCS Exceed 95 Percents
The 4th Hong Kong Coin Show is decided to be held on April 6th-8th, 2018 at the Mira Hotel in Kowloon by Spink, SBP, and Coin-In-Coin. Meanwhile the official Floor Plan has been released as well for the exhibitors…… [ ALL ]
The 3rd HKCS Closed Successfully!
The 3rd HKCS 2017 closed on 20th August and there were 20k visitors during the show. 102 exhibitors from the 30+ countries and regions appeared in the show and it has already build a bridge between Eastern and Western Coin Culutre…… [ ALL ]
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